About us

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Novum Energy is a global supplier and logistics operations group of companies.  We provide oil, oil products, risk management and logistical needs to dedicated clients in the US, South America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

Global physical supply and trading group originating in Houston, Texas

  • Growing organically since 2011 in core markets of oil and refined products with long-standing industrial suppliers and buyers.
  • Building on historic operations in Americas/Caribbean to execute eastward expansion in support of product and logistics for clients in EMEA and Asia-Pacific.


World-class executive management and trading teams

  • Founder, management and regional traders represent expert professionals formerly of global traders (Trafigura, Cargill, Vitol) and national oil companies (Petrobras, ENOC, Petrochina).


Over 10 consecutive years of methodical growth in profits and financial capacity

  • Over USD 150m barrels of oil products traded since 2012.
  • Revenue, gross profit and net worth grew by 27.8%, 30.2% and 33.6% CAGR respectively since 2012.
  • Strong liquidity highlighted by an asset-light business model with over 95% of assets being current assets in the last 3 years and an average 35 days working capital cycle.


Culture of disciplined risk management 

  • Implementation of strict risk management policies and procedures.
  • Maintenance of diligent relationships with business partners and customers.
  • Strict compliance with international sanctions and regulations, including those of OFAC, EU and UNSC.